Efficient fire protection solution for high-rise block in Tallinn

Skyscrapers form the centre of our growing modern cities. As a result of progress in the construction industry, there are hardly any limits to the shape and construction of buildings.
As a manufacturer of high-pressure water mist technology, AQUASYS is meeting this challenge together with a worldwide network of partners, supporting experts in cost-efficient planning and was once again able to prove its worth in the centre of Tallinn (Estonia) by protecting the new built 30-storey Tower as well as the two surrounding buildings (MAAKRI KVARTAL Building B and C) as well as a parking garage underneath.

From planning to implementation, the project was accompanied by AQUASYS and installed by our local partner ANTIFIRE. With only a quarter of the amount of water compared to a conventional sprinkler system, the AQUASYS high-pressure water mist is excellently suited for fighting complex fire scenarios as they occur in modern buildings.

For the breath taking new building with the surrounding partly monument protected buildings from the early 20th century , AQUASYS was also able to develop a highly efficient fire protection solution from a single source, which includes several wall hydrants in addition to the permanently installed water mist system. These are equipped with AQUASYS Water Mist Guns. The thin and robust high-pressure hoses as well as the powerful Water Mist Guns enable a safe and quick movement in the building and thus the possibility of manual first firefighting is as easy to operate as a conventional fire extinguisher.

The advantages of high-pressure water mist in comparison with conventional sprinkler technology allow larger nozzle spacings, smaller pipe sizes, longer service life and lower water volumes for the systems, thus offering architects maximum flexibility in building design.

AQUASYS has been contributing to safety in buildings as a manufacturer of high-pressure water mist systems for over 25 years and is a worldwide partner for functional fire protection solutions.

For further information please contact: Gabriel de Jong, G.deJong@aquasys.at

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Efficient fire protection solution for high-rise block in Tallinn