Building Maakri 19/21 Tower, Tallinn (Estonia)

AQUASYS fire-fighting system for 30-storey skyscraper in the centre of Tallinn.

Project period: 2016–2017
Project management: Antifire Tuleohutuslahendused OÜ

Project description:

  • Protection of office areas, technical areas and car parks in the skyscraper in Tallinn’s Maakri Kvartal district
  • Installation and project management by local partner
  • 2464 nozzle heads and 11,623 m of pipeline installed in total
  • Building height 110 m


Industry BRP-Rotax engine test benches, Gunskirchen (Austria)

Protection of test benches in the development and production centre for innovative drive systems used in the power sports sector.

Project period: 2003–2017 (in expansion phases)
Client: BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG

Project description:

  • Water mist system to protect the critical development test benches
  • Protection of end-of-line test benches
  • Installation, acceptance, commissioning and annual maintenance by AQUASYS

Industry Derby Waste Treatment Centre, Derby (England)

Water mist protection for a recycling centre with an annual capacity of 190,000 tonnes of waste.

Project period: 2016

Project description:

  • A broad range of fire loads called for universal fire protection
  • Protection for fire classes A, B, C and F through the unique mode of action of water mist
  • Specially designed supply unit due to installation on the first floor
  • Commissioning by AQUASYS


Industry BNP Paribas data centre, Marne (France)

AQUASYS fire-fighting system for protection of a data centre operated by the French bank. According to the client’s specifications, the water mist would have to protect a server in case of fire without impairing the functionality of neighbouring servers.

Project period: 2015
Client: Uxello

Project description:

  • Project-specific CFD simulation and validation in real-life fire tests.
  • A full shutdown is not necessary in case of fire. The unaffected computers remain in operation.
  • Immediate triggering without warning time possible due to non-hazardous extinguishing media.

Industry Kuchen-Peter industrial bakery, Hagenbrunn (Austria)

Fire protection with high-pressure water mist for Austria’s biggest doughnut manufacturer.

Project period: 2014
Client: Kuchen-Peter Backwaren GmbH

Project description:

  • Protection of approximately 24,000 m² of production, packaging and storage space
  • Protection of the high-risk fryer conveyor line – used to bake 30 million doughnuts per year – with project-specific HHP approval for an operative area of 260 m²
  • 10 km of pipeline and 1800 nozzle heads installed

Industry voestalpine steel, Linz (Austria)

High-pressure water mist technology for fire protection at this ultra-modern steelworks in Linz.

Project period: from 2005 (in expansion phases)
Client: Voestalpine

Project description:

  • Equipping the on-site fire service with high-pressure water mist units for mobile use at various locations
  • Protection of the cable shafts for the main energy supply lines to the steelworks
  • Option of simple expansion of the safety concept with further feed points


Rail Pöstlingberg railway, Linz (Austria)

Wetting the rail heads reduces unpleasant squeaking on the Pöstlingberg railway in Linz.

Project period: 2011–2013 (5+3 wagon sets)
Client: Linz-Linien

Project description:

  • Reduction of noise emissions at curves along the 2.9-km-long narrow-gauge railway
  • GPS-controlled, precise application of standard water as a lubricant between rails and wheels
  • Compact water spraying system installed in the wagon interior
  • Greater comfort for residents

Rail NEWAG Impuls 36WEb, Bari (Italy)

AQUASYS fire-fighting system improves passenger safety on the Ferrovie del Sud Est railway line in Italy.

Project period: 2017
Client:  I.S.E. Ingegneria dei Sistemi Elettronici S.r.l.

Project description:

  • Protection of five new three-car trains
  • Protection of passenger areas, toilets and drivers’ cabs
  • Nitrogen-propelled water mist system for roof installation
  • Design and approval according to Italian standard UNI11565:2016

Rail Tejas Express (India)

Water mist system to protect the engine rooms in India’s first ever semi-high-speed train.

Project period: 2017
Client: SANROK

Project description:

  • Water mist to protect drive units
  • Nitrogen-propelled water mist system for installation in the carriage interior
  • Installation by local partner
  • Design and layout by AQUASYS

Rail NEWAG Vulcano DMU, Sicily (Italy)

Improved safety for passengers on DMUs (diesel multiple units) operated by Ferrovia Circumetnea (FCE) in Sicily.

Project period: 2015 (4 wagon sets)
Client: ISE (IT)

Project description:

  • Protection of four NEWAG railway vehicles
  • Protection of the passenger areas, toilets, drivers’ cabs and diesel drive unit
  • Nitrogen-propelled water mist system for installation in the interior with optimised service access

Rail Incheon Metro Line 2, Incheon (South Korea)

Improved safety for passengers on the 29.2-kilometre-long metro connection from the Incheon district into the centre of Seoul.

Project period: 2011–2013
Client: Hyundai Rotem

Project description:

  • Protection of 74 coaches and 37 metro wagon sets from vehicle manufacturer Hyundai Rotem
  • Protection of the passenger area
  • Compact system design for installation on the roof
  • Insulated system design for frost protection
  • Commissioning by AQUASYS

Industry MAN engine test benches, Augsburg (Germany)

Fire-fighting water mist system to protect test benches for marine diesel engines.

Project period: 2012–2017 (in expansion phases)
Project management: AQUASYS

Project description:

  • Protection of multiple test benches for large diesel engines and turbomachinery
  • Explosion-proof design for affected system parts
  • Design, planning and installation in a close partnership between the on-site fire service, AQUASYS and the accepting body VdS

Industry DEWA substations, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

AQUASYS fire-fighting system to protect substations operated by the largest energy supplier in Dubai.

Project period: 2016–2017
Project management: AQUASYS

Project description:

  • Protection of 10 substations and transformers operated by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)
  • Recognised by the independent Institute for Fire Protection and Safety Research (IBS), Linz in the United Arab Emirates
  • Fire tests to verify the extinguishing effect of the water mist

Building Gare de Lyon, Paris (France)

High-pressure water mist system for protecting the station hall at one of Europe’s most important railway stations.

Project period: 2016
Project management: Uxello Risques Spéciaux

Project description:

  • Protection and cooling of the structure and its load-bearing elements with water mist
  • Successful simulation for verifying the effectiveness
  • Improved safety for the station’s 83 million passengers per year
  • Installation and project management by local partner

Building Museum of Estonian Architecture, Tallinn (Estonia)

Water mist technology for Estonia’s architecture museum in a salt storage building that is more than 100 years old.

Project period: 2014–2015
Client: Riigi Kinnisvara AS

Project description:

  • Replacement of the existing sprinkler system with a modern water mist system due to its longer lifespan and shorter installation time
  • Protection of the entire exhibition area, including staff and utility rooms
  • Protection of the 10-metre-high atrium
  • Installation by local partner, supervision by AQUASYS

Building Upper Austrian State Library, Linz (Austria)

Installation of a fire-fighting system by AQUASYS during expansion and modernisation of the library. Because of the limited space available, a tailor-made solution was required.

Project period: 2008–2009
Client: State of Upper Austria

Project description:

  • Protection of the six-floor library in Linz
  • Upgrade to a water mist system as part of the modernisation work
  • Tailored system solution due to limited space
  • Archiving of documents on four floors
  • 1500 nozzle heads installed

Building Palacio de Cibiles, Madrid (& main post office of the City of Madrid, Spain)

Water mist to protect the historical town hall and post office in Madrid.

Project period: 2008
Client: City of Madrid

Project description:

  • Simulation to verify the effectiveness of the water mist system
  • Protection of the building structure and emergency escape routes
  • Installation by local partner, supervision by AQUASYS

Building Musikvereinshaus concert hall, Vienna (Austria)

Protection for the home of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra with a fire-fighting water mist system.

Project period: 2007
Client: Wiener Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde (Viennese Friends of Music Society)

Project description:

  • Protection of the box corridors, stage and dressing rooms at the large concert hall, which has a capacity of 1700 seated and 300 standing places
  • Protection of the traditional concert hall’s roof structure, which is difficult for emergency services to access
  • Space-saving installation of the water mist system in the basement

Tunnel ASFINAG Tunnel Liefering, Salzburg (Austria)

Fire-fighting water mist system for protecting the driving routes in both tunnel tubes.

Project period: 2016

Project description:

  • AQUASYS provides protection for the tunnel in the Salzburg metropolitan area, a major transport hub with more than 90,000 vehicles travelling through it every day
  • Two tubes with three to four driving lanes in each
  • Tunnel length: 510 m

Tunnel ASFINAG Arlberg Tunnel, Tirol (Austria)

Fire-fighting water mist system for Austria’s longest road tunnel.

Project period: 2014

Project description:

  • World’s largest water mist installation in the road tunnel sector
  • Protection of the only winterproof east-west transport link between Tyrol and Vorarlberg
  • Protection of the two-lane bi-directional tunnel and the escape tunnels
  • Tunnel length: 14 km

Tunnel ASFINAG Bregenz City Tunnel, Vorarlberg (Austria)

Fire-fighting water mist system to prevent vehicle fires in the Bregenz City Tunnel.

Project period: 2014

Project description:

  • Protection of the bi-directional tunnel in the centre of Bregenz
  • Improved safety for 16,000 vehicles per day
  • Tunnel length: 1311 m
  • 3300–4300 litres of water per minute

Tunnel Roertunnel and Swalmentunnel, Roermond (Netherlands)

Stationary fire-fighting system for safeguarding transport loads of the highest hazard class.

Project period: 2007
Client: Volker Wessels

Project description:

  • Protection of the Roertunnel and Swalmentunnel as important interchanges with the German transport network
  • Roertunnel: 2450 m, longest road tunnel in the Netherlands
  • Swalmentunnel: 450 m long
  • Both tunnels have two lanes
  • A total of three pump rooms

Tunnel Mona Lisa Tunnel, Linz (Austria)

Water mist protection for central urban tunnel that provides a transport link to Linz’s industrial zone.

Project period: 2003–2004
Client: ELIN GmbH & Co KG

Project description:

  • Protection of the driving route through the 800-m-long tunnel
  • Tunnel routed below the railway links of the Western Railway and the tramway
  • Improved safety for 22,000 vehicles per day

Industry TDK production facility, Berlin (Germany)

Water mist protection for clean rooms used in the manufacture of pressure transmitters at the TDK-EPC production facility in Berlin.

Project period: 2016–2017
Project management: AQUASYS
Client: TDK Berlin

Project description:

  • Protection of a production area of 3700 m²
  • Increased installation requirements due to clean room conditions
  • Safeguarding of the fire protection system with a 400 kVA USV system

Rail Plasser & Theurer rail construction machines, Linz (Austria)

Water mist for serial protection of engine compartments in complex rail construction machinery.

Project period: Serial delivery since 1999
Client: Manufacturer of rail construction machines

Project description:

  • Protection of the high-value rail construction machinery and improved safety for the operating personnel
  • Electric motor-driven fire-fighting system to protect the engine compartments
  • Energy supplied by on-board battery
  • System installation individually adapted to each engine compartment
  • Serial delivery since 1999