AQUASYS protects historical seafaring museum in Tallinn

The legendary tower "Paks Margareeta" of the Estonian capital Tallinn and the seafaring museum inside have recently been equipped with an AQUASYS fire fighting system. The high-pressure water mist system protects the exhibition areas on four floors with a total area of 1,000 m², the large presentation hall with a height of up to 12 m and the round corridors in the tower. The project was realised with the local partner ANTIFIRE. 

The advantage of the high-pressure water mist system (HPWM system) from AQUASYS is that the valuable art objects are not additionally damaged by extinguishing water in case of fire. The fine water mist distributes itself immediately in the room, quickly withdraws the heat from the source of the fire and also cools the surroundings. HPWM systems requires significantly less water and work more efficiently than conventional sprinkler systems.

The small pipelines can be optimally integrated into the complex building structure. The nozzle heads are installed both in false ceilings and visibly in the room. With the aesthetically pleasing stainless steel nozzles, this technology is in great demand, especially for installation in art areas.

The water mist nozzles of the prestressed AQUASYS system are equipped with glass ampoules and are activated by triggering the temperature in the fire area. Due to the resulting immediate pressure drop in the system, the high-pressure pumps are started and water mist is released in the area of the opened nozzles.

Estonia trusts AQUASYS once again. In addition to the large Estonian Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Estonian Architecture in a more than 100 years old salt warehouse as well as the Maakri Tower were successfully equipped with an HPWM system. 

For further information on the protection of historical building complexes and the current project in the centre of Tallinn, please contact Mr Gabriel de Jong (G.deJong@aquasys.at).


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AQUASYS protects historical seafaring museum in Tallinn