AQUASYS protects substations in Dubai

The fire protection of substations to maintain a secure power supply is of particular importance for large energy suppliers. Due to the rapid and efficient operation of high-pressure water mist fire-fighting systems, the proportion of protected transformer systems using this technology continues to rise worldwide. AQUASYS has developed a unique design for a large energy utility that benefits from the advantages of water mist systems compared to its conventional spray flood systems to minimize water consumption while increasing efficiency.

After extensive discussions with the energy supplier from Dubai about the protection of the existing and new substations, AQUASYS developed an initial concept and then demonstrated the impressive effectiveness of high-pressure water mist in a fire test on a 1:1 replica 132 KVA transformer. After successfully convincing a technical committee of the customer, AQUASYS went through the certification process for water mist systems and is now approved as a manufacturer in the United Arab Emirates by the local authority Dubai Civil Defence for this application as well.

After completion of the design for the first substation with special requirements, such as 100 percent redundancy of the water supply station for highest reliability of the system, which works even in case of failure of all power supply sources, the first system was already delivered in 2017 and installed and successfully commissioned by our local partner Vision Safety. In the meantime, thanks to the excellent work of our partner Vision Safety, a considerable number of substations have been equipped with our system. 

We are very pleased that the next successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for another substation has now been carried out in our plant by a representative of the energy supplier and accompanied by our partner Vision Safety from Dubai. In the course of the tests on the factory premises in Linz, service technicians of the customer were also trained on our systems.

For further information on the project or documentation on the protection of transformer systems with high-pressure water mist, please contact Michael Bindreiter (m.bindreiter@aquasys.at).

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AQUASYS protects substations in Dubai